Word Worth is a micro card game that was designed for DD 102, Analog Game Design. The assigned task was to create a micro card game, under strict guidelines of a 20/20/20 challenge, entailing a 20 card limit and 20 piece limit, as well as a stipulation that the game should be teachable and playable in under 20 minutes.

The objective of the game is for a player to score 3 points, or Victory Tokens, before the other player can. Players can earn Victory Tokens by creating a sentence that has a higher point value, or Word Worth, than the other player by using more words, words of higher value, or by gaining a bonus by creating a complete, grammatically correct sentence.

Part of my design philosophy behind the game was to have the players experience my intention of improving sentence structure by physically doing the task. Player 1 must actively be considering the words, connectors, adjectives and verbs that they need in order to maximize their score, all while Player 2 is thinking along the same lines in order to reduce the opponent’s word pool. By having both players consciously considering the nature of sentence structuring through the basic gameplay, these concepts can be started and strengthened in the minds of students.

Want a sample copy of the game, or to examine the ruleset? Contact me at mbgamescanada@gmail.com with your request and I’ll be happy to get back to you. Please include your name and organization in the subject line.


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