Servants and Spells is a competitive micro deckbuildingĀ card game, designed for play with 2 players. I wanted to create a CCG styled card game that didn’t have the same barriers to entry that traditional collectible card games have, as I feel that this is one of the main reasons that some players do not stay around long, or feel the desire to try out collectible card games given the opportunity.

The objective of the game is to play Servant and Spell cards to reduce the Health pool of the opposing player in order to become victorious. Players achieve this by playing Servant cards that represent a player’s minions, or Spell cards that represent a player’s magical strength.

One of the primary concerns behind this project was ensuring that each card was as close to perfectly balanced with consideration to the rest of the cards in the set. In order to achieve this, I used a technique involving balancing each card against the others by a common value, and I have expanded this balance to many of my projects, both for class and personal design.

Servants and Spells is still in development. Want to examine a development copy of the game? Contact me at mbgamescanada@gmail.comĀ with your request and I’ll be happy to get back to you. Please include your name and organization in the subject line.




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